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Air Free Wheelchair Tires & More...
airless tires   casters & Forks   complete wheels   airless inserts
 20 Inch   22 Inch   24 Inch   25 Inch   26 Inch
Airless Urethane Wheelchair Tires - come in all sorts of colors now, from really Bright Red to Bubblegum Pink, Black, Neon Blue, Shadow Grey and Florescent Yellow
Complete Wheel Sets featuring:
SHOX - Shox wheel chair tires and Spinergy wheels at prices you won't believe.
24 inch   25 inch   26 inch


6 Inch  8 Inch  12 Inch  14 Inch  16 Inch  20 Inch  22 Inch  24 Inch  26 Inch
ISO Size
Airless Urethane Inserts:
are a great way to deal with flats. Inexpensive and reusable, inserts give you peace of mind.
 Casters, Forks and Assemblies
 3 inch  4 inch  5 inch  6 inch  7 inch  8 inch  9 inch
Installation is easy,
we have three tools
Bicycle Tire Installation Tool
Wheelchair Tire Installation Tool
Bench Vice Installation Tool
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Questions & Answers
What are the color and tread options for your wheelchair tires?

We have the hospital kind of tread; the slick, no-tread kind of tread; and a herringbone tread high performance tire that people tell us they like. Some people like being able to feel the herringbone pattern on the tread, because it helps them gauge their speed. 

Do Air Free wheelchair tires make black marks on vinyl floors, like black rubber tires do?

Urethane does not leave a mark on any floor surface, but black rubber does. So the Air Free wheelchair tires are a perfect choice for someone who wants the look of black tires. Urethane is kind to floors in another way, too: dirt doesn't stick to the material well, so the tires don't pick up dirt and track it inside.
Partner Showcase has many many popular wheelchair parts at reasonable prices. Quickie, Jazzy, Invacare and others.
Speaking of colors, do I have other color options for Air Free wheelchair tires?

The high performance urethane comes in a variety of colors, from black to bubblegum pink.

What do you mean by "high performance"?

That designation has to do with the kind of urethane used. The high performance tires are pretty light and springy, but they have less rolling resistance than our other Air Free wheelchair tires. That makes them great for heavier people and for people who travel long distances on hard pavement in their chairs. It's also the material of choice for wheelchair athletes.

Do Air Free wheelchair tires come in different densities?

They come in two different, standard densities. The high performance tires, such as the Shasta or Nantahala models, are about the same feel as a rubber tire inflated to 90 to 100 PSI. Air Free wheelchair tires made of the standard urethane are about the same feel as a rubber tire inflated to 50 to 60 PSI. They're a little more cushiony, and they're great for all-purpose use.

How will I know what size Air Free wheelchair tire I need?

The size of your current rubber tires is printed or stamped on them somewhere. You can use that information to look up comparable Air Free tires on our web site. We have tires for the most popular wheel sizes, whether they are measured in inches (24 X 1-inch, for example) or in ISO (32-520). Use the tire sizing guide here : Click on tire sizing, and choose your size from the drop-down window. Then answer two more quick questions, and you'll have a list of your tire options. Or if you prefer, you can find your current tire on our handy grid chart, and that will show you the options we carry.

Will you have the size I need?

This web site has a bigger selection of no-flat tire options than any other tire on the Internet, including Air Free tires, super-heavy-duty rubber tires, and foam tire inserts. For many wheel sizes, we can offer you all three options. So whatever you need to statistically reduce the likelihood of having a flat, we have it.

Is it hard to install Air Free wheelchair tires on my wheels?

Actually, Air Free urethane wheelchair tires are designed to be somewhat difficult to install. That's because we want to make sure they never, ever come off accidentally. We've got two tools available to make it possible to stretch the urethane tire over the wheel: one is a device that looks like a bent screwdriver, which we will sell to you at cost. It takes a little patience to use, but it will allow you to get the tire on the wheel. We also have a new tool that's a little more expensive ($15), but very effective. It's a substantial tool. With this tool and a bench vise, and the help of an assistant, installing an Air Free wheelchair tire is no problem. This means that a handyman, someone at a bicycle shop, or actually, anyone with a bench vise can do the installation.

Who makes these Air Free wheelchair tires for you?

We carry tires from a number of top-line airless tire manufacturers, including Greentyre, Kik, and Ameritire. Some manufacturers specialize in a specific type of airless wheelchair tire; American Airless, for example, only supplies us with foam-filled Kenda rubber tires. We've got Mako wheelchair tires, which are probably the most popular brand sold. Our selection continues to grow as we discover better manufacturers and better tires.

What's a wheelchair tire insert?

It's like a donut of polyurethane that goes inside a rubber tire. It works especially well for people who use their chairs in off-road situations. With an insert in a rubber tire, you never have to worry about that tire coming off the wheel.

Do you carry tires for extreme wheelchair sports?

An Air Free wheelchair can definitely take you off-road. But there's no tire that can be 100 percent reliable in really extreme situations.

Do you sell wheelchair wheels, too?

Yes, we carry Spinergy wheels. You can spend more on wheelchair wheel - some sets cost $500 and more. But if you don't need to spend that much for wheels, get a set of Spinergys. They're well-built and engineered to take rigorous use. We believe they're a great value.

How long will it take to get my Air Free wheelchair tires or wheels?

We estimate shipping to more U.S. destinations will be 5 to 10 business days. If you have an urgent need, place your order with us by phone and we'll help you determine if faster options are available.

For more information about how polyurethane tires are made, go to the "How we make tires" page on this web site by clicking here: