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Easy Foam Program Details

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 Frequently Asked
What is Foam Filling?
How does Foam Fill ride?
How "heavy duty" is Foam Fill?
Will Foam Fill add weight to my application?
Can I Foam Fill my own tires?
What is the biggest tire you can do?
What if I can't find my size?
Where do I send my tires/wheels?
How long does it take?
Do I need new tires?
What if my question isn't answered?
 Program Details
1. Foam Fill Tire Assessment
  Your safety is our priority. Using the proper fill is important for safety and performance
2. Inspect Tire, Wheel and Bearings
  Your safety is our priority. We can't foam fill wheels or tires that are damaged
3. Shipping / Box Requirements
  Ship to address furnished via email after sale. Boxes should be sturdy, well labeled w/ invoice
4. Communication During Process
  Some wheels may require additional work. We have a policy which may require contacting you
5. Customer Satisfaction Policy
  Some wheels may not survive the process and what we and you do about it

 What is Foam Filling?
Foam filling refers to the introduction of a lightweight urethane foam into a rubber tire. Usually by drilling a hole and slipping a tube into into the tire and then injecting an amount of liquid that when foamed, will fill the tire completely. Our foam is a lightweight foam that is sturdy and durable. Other brands of foam fill really aren't foam but rather what is called " tire fill". Tire fill is dense, hard and heavy. Air Free Easy Foam is light and springy. There are hundreds of places that do "tire fill" but none have our foam.

Air Free Easy Foam is in a class all by itself. Currently we have no competition because nobody else has the technology. We understand that other foam fill machines like ours will be coming online in the future, but until then, we have the foam nobody else has.

The reason is quite simple. Tire fill weighs 8 pounds per gallon. Our lightweight foam only weighs 3.3 pounds per gallon. This means a dramatic reduction in the weight of the material being used and it means in some tires there can be a cost savings over traditional tire fill. Since Air Free Easy Foam is so light, it reduces vibrations, operator fatigue and allows the tires to last longer. We find out every day and we can put our lightweight foam in almost anything. Please see pictures.
 How does Easy Foam ride?
Air Free Easy Foam when properly filled rides as smooth as a pneumatic tire. The reason is all these millions of microscopic air cells that are trapped in our lightweight foam that cushion the ride. In some cases we can under fill a tire so that the tire rides very soft, in other cases we can fill the tire so that it rides very hard. Although we can't guarantee a range of psi for every tire, it does illustrate that the foam is not locked in to any one particular hardness. In most cases, the psi equivalency of the Air Free Easy Foam is around 25.
 How heavy duty is Easy Foam?
Air Free Easy Foam is considered industrial class. Our foam is being used in some of the largest pieces of equipment you can imagine. Many of these applications have been in use for years and exceed thousands of pounds. To be safe, we recommend that what ever the manufacturers load rating is, the Air Free Easy Foam will allow the tire to achieve that rating and never go flat. If you need to go past the manufacturers load rating, then the heavier tire fill could be an option.
 Will Easy Foam add weight to my application?
Air Free Easy Foam will add a little more weight than air but certainly won't add as much weight as any of the other flat free options. We have prepared a chart of tires and sizes and how much foam it takes to fill them up. A small wheelbarrow tire may only take six or 7 pounds but as an example, that same tire filled with the heavier tire fill would require 12 to 15 pounds to fill. In most cases, the increase in weight, whatever amount that is usually is not noticeable by the machinery.
 Can I Foam Fill my own tires?
We are sorry, but that technology is not available yet for the end user Making an actual urethane foam and controlling the byproduct of carbon dioxide is not as easy as one might think it ought to be. There are several reasons for this, but it takes a thorough knowledge of urethane and the ability to compute just exactly how much material to inject into a tire. If you put too much in, the tire will blow up, and if you don't put enough in, the tire will be under inflated. In either case the results are permanent. If you have a number of pieces of equipment and have gotten foam fill (tire fill) prices in the past, then please contact us as we can probably help you achieve better pricing objectives.

There are limited territories available for Foam Filling franchises. The foam filling equipment and then the initial urethane purchase costs will typically run from 40k and up. Profitable businesses foam at least 100 golf cart size tires monthly. Please contact us for information on starting your own foam fill business.
 What is the biggest tire you can do?
There really is no limit to the size of the tire that we can do but the sizes that we do foam fill are governed by the practicality of shipping large heavy objects. For some people shipping a palette of tires for $600 across the country is a bargain and for other people the price of shipping can be a barrier. Until there are foam fill stations around the country, foam fill will have to be via mail order or trucking. We can do any size tire you are willing to send. Often times shipping costs aren't as expensive as people think and of course other times they are more expensive than you think they should. In any case, ask us and we can always try and work with you.
 What if I can't find my size?
We have a list of most of the popular tire sizes that typically would be foam filled. If you have a size not on our list, simply contact us and describe your tire and its application. If you don't need a new tire and all you need is to have the tire foam filled, it will be very easy for us to ask you to take some simple measurements and we can tell you how much it would cost to foam fill.
 Where do I send my tires and wheels?
After you have selected your sizes to have foam filled, we will then match your order with one of two locations. Each specializes in certain types and sizes of tires. So depending on your order you may be asked to ship to either Florida or Georgia. Your shipping instructions will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours of you placing your order. Please allow additional time for weekends and holidays. Once you have gotten your shipping instructions, just label the box, put your invoice in the box, and ship it to us which ever way you prefer.
 How long does it take?
Getting your wheels foam filled can be an exciting experience filled with anticipation. For many people this will be the first time they ever get to ride their riding lawn mower without having to worry about getting a flat. Our process usually takes two weeks. Once we receive your product, it is inspected and then put into the queue. Depending on your location, we foam fill either three times to four times a week. Almost all orders are out within two weeks. However due to market conditions beyond our control and fluctuations in the availability of materials can delay getting your tires back to you. We will make every effort to keep you notified of any delays. To be on the safe side please budget four to six weeks from the time that you ship us your tires to the time that you receive them back.
 Do I need new tires?
We always recommend getting new tires. For your convenience we offer many of the popular tire sizes. In some cases we may not have your size but can possibly locate it. We cannot foam fill tires that are obviously damaged. New tires give you the best opportunity for a successful foam fill. When filling a tire, the urethane as it expands is in letting out carbon dioxide gas and the foam is filling up the tire. This gas can put stress on the tire or as the foam rises, it pushes outward on the tire.  Older, worn tires can crack or even fall apart. Of course this doesn't happen in every instance, and we aren't trying to sell unnecessary tires. We look to you for your best judgment, but want to warn you that if we don't think we can foam fill the tire and have it be safe, then we will contact you and try to get you to purchase a new tire or return the items to you.
 What if my question isn't answered?
There is always that possibility and we have planned for that eventuality by offering you the ability to contact us via e-mail or phone. We understand that there are many unique situations that we couldn't possibly have anticipated. When you call or email us, we will ask you some simple quick questions and with a little input on your part we should be well on our way to solving your problem. To contact us, please use this link here
Foam Fill Tire Assessment
Your safety is our priority. There are two basic types of fill. There is our Easy Foam and there is what is called "tire fill". Easy Foam when put in to a rubber tire allows any rubber tire to achieve the manufacturers load rating. A much more dense and heavy product called tire fill is what you would use if you need to exceed the manufacturers load rating.

For example; if you use a 10 x 3 tire and it is rated for 300 pounds, you can use our Easy Foam and your tire will never go flat and always be able to take 300 pounds. If you have an application where you need to go over that 300 pounds consistently, then you are a candidate for the denser and heavier tire fill. We only do Easy Foam which is lightweight and much more cost-effective to ship. Tire fill is available at the local level.

If you decide after your assessment that you need Easy Foam then please select your tire size and then follow the easy to understand instructions. If you decide that you need tire fill please use our quick quote form to tell us about your application, the weight, any problems you've been having, and your tire size, and we should be able to point you to a dealer in your area.
Inspect Tire, Wheel and Bearing
New tires are always recommended but not always necessary. Please look over your tires very carefully and make sure that they are in very good shape. Putting foam in a tire will put stresses on the sidewalls.

We cannot foam filled tires that are;
cut, have holes, tread separating, sidewall tears, or are otherwise deteriorating or in our estimation, could not survive the foam filling process. We provide a list of tires where possible as convenience so that you may have new tires when indicated.

Using new tires as these positive benefits;
your new flat-proof wheel will last longer
it will look better
it will perform better

Please inspect your wheel and any bearings. We cannot foam fill any tires on any wheels that in our estimation do not appear to be safe. The cannot foam fill tires on any wheels that are cracked, bent, out of round or otherwise not appearing to be sound.
Shipping / Box Requirements
Shipping instructions are e-mailed after the purchase. Once you have purchased foam filling from us, we look over your order and match it to one of two of our locations. Depending on your order, you may be asked to ship your tires/wheels to Georgia or Florida. These instructions will be e-mailed within 48 hours of your order. Please allow additional time for weekends and holidays.

The e-mail will contain the ship to address and any other pertinent information to your order. Please use appropriate packaging. We cannot be responsible for boxes are packages coming to us. Please make sure that the boxes or packages are strong enough to carry heavy metal objects. In most cases we will use our own packaging to return the items to you.

Please make sure that your invoice and or packaging instructions are inside the box. Please make sure that the outside of the box has your order ID number. You are responsible for shipping the product to us. You do not need to provide us any tracking information, as we will act on your package when it gets to us. Once we have your package, we will not notify you that we have it. It will be your responsibility to track the package to us.

After the tires have been foam filled, they will be boxed and shipped to you. At the point of which the tires are boxed, is when you will be notified by e-mail of your tracking number.
Communication During Process
Some wheels and tires are going to require additional time and effort not originally anticipated in your initial order. Anytime that we need to perform additional work outside of the initial order, we will halt the order and will not perform any more work until we have authorization from you. We will attempt to contact you three times on at least three different days before we cancel the order. It is important that we have a good working phone number for you and that we can get a hold of you.

If we do have to perform work to your wheels, we will be contacting you by telephone and not by e-mail. Your purchase from us constitutes permission for us to contact you by phone as it pertains to this order. Please list additional phones numbers in the "order comments" section when prompted by the shopping cart.
Customer Satisfaction Policy
While we endeavor to please everybody, some wheels may not come out as anticipated. Urethane foams are notorious for being fickle and don't always rise. However urethanes that don't rise, glue the tire to the rim or wheel just as well as urethanes that do rise. This means when we foam fill a tire, the results are irreversible. If for some reason, the foam filling process creates a wheel that is ultimately unusable to you, our liability will only be limited to the cost of the Easy Foam filling. Of course we will try to do everything we can to replace any wheels at reasonable expense to you.


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