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Heavy Foam Tire Fill Information
Heavy Foam Tire Fill Information

 Premium flat-proofing at wholesale prices ....

Heavy Foam refers to a family of urethanes that do not foam but instead 'gel' and then harden. Only Air Free Easy Foam is a foam and everything else is what is known as tire fill. Tire fill is a liquid urethane that is mixed and poured into a tire. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the fill to get hard. Most people still call this process foam fill but there isn't any foaming.  Tire fill  is either poured in through the valve stem hole or through a hole that has been drilled into the sidewall of the tire and puts no stress on the tire.

Once the tire has been filled it will be impervious and bullet proof. Air Free Heavy Foam weighs 8 lbs. per gallon so it will rapidly increase the weight of any wheel the larger the wheel gets. The extra rotating mass can an issue for some equipment like ATVs' so think wisely. Also Heavy Foam tire fill is very heavy and therefore expensive to mail. It is a choice for larger quantities of tires that are shipped by truck to a manufacturer of hand-trucks, dollies, carts and so on. For large construction tires, please see Industro-Foam. 

This section is for quantity sales of at least 100 units. If you determine that you need Heavy Foam and have fewer than 100 units to do, you need to find a local tire fill company. Please use the form here.

Getting the Right Tire is Easy

"We have every size tire you can think of and any one of them can be economically flat-proofed and delivered to your door. Give us a call, or use our handy form and let us help you solve that recurring issue that drove you here."

Air Free Heavy Foam tire fill is a 28 durometer urethane product that when cured will be hard but there still will be an inherent degree of bounce in the tire. This makes it suitable for hand trucks that would be hauling refrigerators. You could also use this product for non-highway use trailers, you could put it in small Bobcats, material handlers and other pieces of construction equipment. You would not use it in an earthmover or mining equipment. Most tires used in this process run from 8" to 26" tall and from 3" to 10" wide. This makes it a very popular application for OEMs who produce a variety of products from the machine that moves grocery carts to the guy who ends up cutting your grass.

   Air Free Heavy Foam Tire Fill    Air Free Easy Foam
liquid poured into tire
liquid weighs 8lbs/gallon
stronger than foam
can dig into soft ground
quantities of 100 or more only
actual foam
1/3 weight of Heavy Foam
caps out at 500lbs/tire
ideal for flotation (soft dirt etc..)
any number of tires

The Air Free Easy Foam is an actual foam and is a technically more difficult process. The reason is that the foam creates a gas build up in the cavity of the tire and sometimes can be unpredictable and certainly stressful to the tire. A popular misconception but construction equipment tires do not have foam in them but a material that more closely resembles a bowling ball. The Air Free Heavy Foam is found in tires that many of you may be familiar with in some of the industry catalogs for the hand-trucks and dollies that you use.

Choose your next tire from our great selection of Air Free Heavy Foam ready rubber tires. Just navigate your way to the tire you like and there you can submit a request for our ballpark quick quote. On the ballpark quick quote page you can tell us more about your application and select your hub options. Once we get your request for a quick quote, we will look at it and we have any questions get back to you right away otherwise within 48 hours we will send you a quote that will put you into the ballpark of about 15% plus or minus. We make it easier for you to guess about how much a quantity order will cost by including the average price of a rubber tire at the retail level when you select any particular tire. This allows you to factor out the mark up and come up with some reasonable conclusion of what the things might cost without having to contact anybody. However not all things are completely simple and we are here to help you find the right product for your needs.

The ballpark quick quote is nonbinding and it is just our way of getting your attention. We are certain that it is almost impossible to get a fast reasonable quote for flat-proof wheels and tires. That is why we created this foam fill section so that engineers, businesspeople and just plain old everyday folk can come in and order the Easy Foam tires if they need just a few or if they need a lot then we have the Heavy Foam and in any case, come here and get straightforward information.

For those wishing to go forward for information on quantity orders, please use our form here. Our process works like this, you submit a request for a ballpark quick quote. We then turn around and then tell you plus or minus 15% what this order will cost you. And that point, we start to trade pictures and drawings, and you may even send us a sample of one of your existing wheels. Once we have everything sorted out and we know exactly what it is you want, we then will create a pair of samples at no charge. After you receive the samples in the tires work out for you, that is when you call us back and we get to work on your tires.

Please feel free to call us about any questions you have concerning Air Free Heavy Foam at 386-478-1861.
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