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Foam Fill

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 Attention Foam Fill Seekers  
       After years of answering help tickets, "I have made your search easier."  Hugh
Application / Question Mower Wheels Farm Wheels Construction Wheels
My application falls under the tire load rating... Foam Fill
OR Airless Tire
Foam Fill
(Under 24" tall)
Tire Fill
My application goes over the tire load rating... Tire Fill Tire Fill Tire Fill
Should I use an Airless Tire? Yes No No
Should I use a Foam Filled  Tire? Yes probably no no
Should I use tire fill? Yes / maybe Yes yes
Should I use a Rubber Tire? 4 or 6 ply if unable to use
foam or tire fill or airless
4 or 6 ply if unable to use
foam or tire fill
4 or 6 ply if unable to use
tire fill
My tire is flat now, what should I do? Purchase complete wheel
OR Send in for foam filling
OR Replace w/ Rubber tire
Find Tire Fill Station
OR Replace w/ Rubber tire
Find Tire Fill Station
OR Replace w/ Rubber tire
I need a complete wheel, hub, bearing and all.... Airless Wheel Assembly
OR Foam Filled Wheel Assembly
AG Supply House Construction Supply House
I'm ready to do something now.... find on website and purchase send in support ticket
or call local tire places
send in support ticket
or call local tire places

Foam Filling is only available for wheels up to 24 inches tall, otherwise Tire Fill

There Are Two Types Of Foam Fill
For Weights:  Over 1000 lbs Per Tire For Weights:  Under 1000 lbs Per Tire
Pricing Guide  Test Kit Wheels   Pricing Guide   Purchase
USAGE: Agricultural, Logging, Mining, Skid Steer, Fork Lift,
METHOD: One Part Liquid Poured Into Tire
COST: $1.00 - $2.50 lb
BEST USE: Stabilizes Heavy Equipment.
CONS: Rider Fatigue, Rotational Weight
BRIEF: This is liquid bowling ball material at 8 lbs a gallon. Very heavy but it does come in softer varieties. Can use old tires.
WHO: Carpenter, Arnco, Synair, Amerityre
WHERE: Local dealers are found all across the country
Contact Agricultural Tire Businesses
USAGE: Landscape, Industrial, Small Bobcat, Golf Course, Dolly
METHOD: Two Part Liquid Foams Then Injected Into Tire
COST: $2.00 - $4.50 lb
BEST USE: Softer Ride Gentler On Equipment And Riders
CONS: Cannot Exceed Tire Load Rating
BRIEF: This is fluffier stuff at 3 1/2 lbs. Will not rut. Imitates 25 psi tire very well. Very versatile. Should use new tires.
WHO: Urethane International, Arnco, Amerityre
WHERE: There are very few dealers for this type of product
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Are You Still Interested?

Tire Fill has been around for decades and can be found through a network of dealers through out the country. The odd things is, that the manufacturers of Tire Fill do a bad job of promoting their dealers and local fillers. You could be sitting next to one and not know it. We have tried for years to get a list of dealers so we could answer all the emails we get. There are thousands of them and they usually can be found by calling one or two agricultural or equipment tire places. We at Air Free only deal in the Foam Fill.

Tire Fill has its' uses where super heavy loads are involved. Some mining tires can take over 500 gallons of fill.

The process is simple: just drill a hole in the tire, insert tube and pour the liquid in. It hardens in about a day. While they do make tire fill in different densities, all the densities are like a bowling ball with varying degrees of bounciness from no bounce at all to just a tiny bit of jiggle.

Mining equipment uses 55 durometer while if you wanted to put the softest stuff they make in a wheelbarrow tire, then you could get the 20 durometer, which when put in the rubber tire, would actually have a little bounce to it and can hop over curbs, but the tire would also weigh over 15 lbs.

If you want to estimate what your tires will cost, click here

We do not do Tire Fill unless you want 100 tires or more.
 If you want 100 tires or more, email me and you and I can talk.

If you want only a handful of tires done, then look locally. If I could get a list of dealers together for you, I would, and I have been asking for years. Until I get it, just call a few tire places in your area. Foam fillers almost never advertise but there are over 2,000 Tire Fillers in the country. You are never more than an hour away from one.


Ask a few questions.... Are you getting flats? Overloading?

Tires still wear out with Tire Fill in them.

A Six Ply Tire is very unlikely to get flats. Get Tire Fill only if you cannot get a six ply tire and you are exceeding the load rating.

All Tires Have Load Ratings - 75% of people's problems can be solved by going to a tougher rubber tire. We don't sell Tire Fill so we can help people better. Get Tire Fill only if you really need it.

If you already use Tire Fill, then you know that "Chunking" or recycling old fill is a way to reduce costs. For readers who have never priced a Tire Fill, it can seem very expensive and large tires do cost a couple of thousand dollars to fill even at $1.00 a pound.

But then a wheelbarrow tire would only cost $25


If after reading this, you still really need help, use our contact form.


Are You Still Interested?

Foam Fill is relatively new, harder to do and there are fewer places doing it. Although "Tire Fill" is called Foam Fill, they are not the same thing.

Foam Fill is a mixture of two liquids that produce heat and Carbon Dioxide when mixed. The machinery is more complicated than Tire Fill and the chances of botching a fill is greater with Foam Fill. The upside, is the Foam Fill has a much better ride but it has weight limitations

Manufacturers of the Foam Fill say the fill will allow users to achieve the load rating of the tire but not to exceed it. You need to use Tire Fill if you have to carry more than the tire was intended to do.

For example, you have a helicopter dolly. The writing on the tire says "Rated 500lbs" but the helicopter weighs 10,000 lbs. You need Tire Fill, not Foam Fill. If you have a wheelbarrow that will never carry more than 400lbs, then you need Foam Fill but not Tire Fill.

There are Foam Fill places here in Florida, Georgia, California, Nevada and few others. We will fill tires here at our facility but they must be under 24 inches tall and be only mower or landscape tires.

To see what it might cost to get your tires Foam Filled, click here. Our prices might be higher than others because our prices include the shipping

To send us your tires under 24 inches tall, click here

To find a local Foam Fill dealer near you, click here


Flats?, overloading, high use?

If you need small tires, check our pre-made wheels. If you need larger tires (Golf Cart size or larger) then be prepared to ship them to us or someone else if a dealer isn't in your area.

Foam Fill Your Tires Under 24 Inches Tall


Air Free Easy Foam
send in tires & hubs - we fill with foam
Choose from over 150 sizes,
just pick your size and follow the instructions and in about three weeks, you'll have your tires foam filled.
You supply the tires and hubs...we foam fill and send back, you pay shipping to us, we pay shipping back

lawn mowers, agricultural equip, EMS, lifts, etc...
send in your new tires and hubs and get foam filled tires by mail


Air Free Heavy Foam
premium tire fill for quantity sales
Heavy Foam refers to a family of urethanes that do not foam but instead 'gel' and then harden. Only Air Free Easy Foam (above) is a foam and everything else is what is known as "Tire Fill" including our Heavy Foam. Tire fill is a liquid urethane that is mixed and poured into a tire. read more
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Do It Yourself
find out how to be a dealer, do it for profit
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Air Free Industro-Foam
the heaviest duty stuff there is
If you have big tires then you have big needs. Your needs are best served at the local level.

Air Free Industro-Foam is actually a family of four distinct urethane tire fills.

Each urethane is formulated for a specific use ranging from material handling to
mining equipment to off road and more.

Since getting you tire fill has been the challenge...."The solution has been to build a distribution network of foam filling dealers and over the years their numbers have grown" read more
 Air Free has all the flat free solutions !



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